Mylee Grace

Occupation: Musician / Mother

Star Sign: Leo

Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace
Mylee Grace

Mylee’s Styling Guide

Mylee's Styling Guide

1. Fine Perfumery Essential Oils Collection 2. Mania Mania Snake Ring
3. Chanel Metal Cuff With Purple Semiprecious Stones 4. Chai Tea 5. The Moldy Peaches Album
6. Unicorn Scull By Ozzie Wrong And Nick Morley 7. Black Doctor Martins With Flowers
 8. Alexander Wang Bag 9. Vintage Guitar Strap 10. Floral Bra
Music influences:

Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Emmylou Harris, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Felice Brothers, Kimya Dawson, Joni Mitchell, The Vaselines.

When it was you realised you wanted to play music:

I wrote my first song when I was about 6. The song was about looking for my friend in the garden and everywhere around the house but not being able to find him. I remember my mum being really impressed with the song and harmonising with me, singing it over and over again. We recorded it in our lounge room. That’s when I must have realised I wanted to make music.

Your favourite song of all time:

To pick one song is way too hard! One that I love and is the song of the season in our family Is ‘Spidey’s Curse’ by The Black Lips. For the last three months the album has been in our car stereo and every time we get in the car our son, Rocky makes us play the one song really loud on repeat until we get to where we’re going.

Best music memory:

My best music memories are usually when I’m out with our drummer Ray. He seems to always manage to pull a guitar out of thin air and spark up a street jam with whoever is in a 3 metre radius at the time.

How does music and motherhood intertwine:

Since becoming a mother and acquiring skills to battle the ups and downs, I’ve acquired some kind of new superhero-esque power and strength which I feel has transpired into my songwriting and performing. Motherhood has also put me in a trance of a delirious state of playfulness which is what I believe is the key ingredient for the best kind of music. Besides, the music industry is a lot like the game of snakes and ladders and my four year-old makes me play that all day.

Your happy place:

The foamy part of a wave

What’s on your bedside table:

A hot water bottle, some jewellery and ( reluctant to say ) The Novel ‘Fifty Shades of grey’

Your favourite piece from the Something range:

The muscle tees are awesome because they’re the perfect cut. ( which is really hard to find ). I’m also a sucker for a good dress, so I love the black numbers with the lace detailing and the plum one with cut-outs. Sorry, you could never make me choose just one!